Blake Cortes is a Lifestyle and Fitness Photographer from NY. He is based in Florida and spends most his time traveling between the two. 

After moving to Florida 8 years ago, he decided to enroll  into a small film school in Tampa (IADT). He figured he could improve his camera skills while directing and shooting music videos. He shot tons of videos for local artists and would frequently fly back to Brooklyn, NY to work with the artist he knew out there. Blake knew that only with practice, will he reach the level of greatness he envisioned for him self and his family.

While on his road to becoming an amazing filmmaker Blake had taken a test stills with his new camera. It was at that moment where Blake realized there could be beauty in any frame, whether it was moving at 24 frames a second or a still frame. Blake then started taking photo after photo with the mind state of progressing his visually gifted eye.

Then without realizing, Blake’s photography had taken people by storm. The feedback he received was something he never felt before. It opened up another lane for him and he is darting towards the dotted line.


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